StocksBot is a simple way to keep up with stock prices of equities trading on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange in a conversational manner, right from your chat box :) Apart from stock prices, StocksBot can also show you a summary of trading activities for a particular day. You can also ask it questions like "What is the share price of fcmb" or "How much are my 2340 shares in skyebank worth?"

What else?

StocksBot has been deployed accross a variety of messaging apps, so you can use it via Facebook, Slack, Skype and Telegram. StocksBot is a work in progress, so forgive that it may not be very smart yet but as time goes by, it will get more intelligent and will be able to do much more - richer data and subscriptions to daily updates for example. So, scroll down a little bit to get started! :-)

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